A Renaissance man in the Digital age

Stephanie Nour Prince


November 21, 2021





A few weeks ago, Khaled and I had the pleasure of hosting Hashem Montasser, cofounder and owner-operator of The Lighthouse, for Episode 12 of our podcast.

The Lighthouse seems to sit at the nexus of venues that are at once both familiar and inviting. A place where conversation, culture, literature and curiosity intertwine at ease and unfettered. Perhaps a Fitrovia Tavern to the budding Dubai Bloomsbury group.

As Hashem comes from an academic household, with a father he describes as an “economist at heart”, and a mother with an unparalleled level of curiosity and a strong interest in Art, we were curious about which elements Hashem brought into The Lighthouse, which he cofounded with Hany Bassiouny.

We trace back Hashem’s journey from asset management and finance, his first entrepreneurial experience, and the toolkit the cofounders built on for The Lighthouse. We dive into the dialectic of the aesthetic and the analytical, with Hashem and Hani marrying both their commercial and cultural instincts to build a sustainable commercial enterprise and the wider role technology and entrepreneurship play in a rapidly changing society.

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Nuwa Capital · Episode 12 - A Renaissance man in the Digital age

Stephanie Nour Prince is Partner at Nuwa Capital where she leads on the fund’s network engagements and operations.

Artwork: Vanessa Bell, "The Memoir Club", 1943