Who we are

A radical investment platform reshaping the relationship between founders and capital.

We are only defined by how well we serve our key stakeholder, the founders we invest in, and aim to maintain a culture of transparency where founders can contribute or criticize when needed.

We believe that the collective growth of our industry serves to benefit all stakeholders, and will share our upside with our founders and the Nuwa Network.

We believe in being strongly engaged with our portfolio, but we also believe in founder-led businesses. When we invest in you as a founder, it means that we believe in your ability to lead and grow the company.

We invest in founders first, which means that once your company is part of the Nuwa Capital portfolio, you integrate and have direct access to the community and the support you may need. We also require you to be engaged when needed and when you, in turn, can support others.

We believe in transparency and aim to communicate our perspective as clearly as we can through our Insights.

We will not give false hope or make deceptive promises. Neither will we become complacent, or dismissive, and we will look at companies that fit within our mandate with adequate attention.

Our model

The Nuwa network

We’ve built a network of some the most accomplished entrepreneurs who will dedicate their time to support, guide and mentor companies we invest in.

Operating partners

Our Operating Partners are subject matter experts in fields that are critical for companies. They provide founders hands-on expertise in product, growth hacking, recruitment, fundraising, legal frameworks and other areas key to the development of their businesses.

True partnership with founders

We’ve developed our model around our main stakeholder, founders, and place them at the core of everything we do. We believe in building an inclusive community of seasoned founders who will, as they grow, play their part in supporting newcomers to the portfolio.

Corporate partnership

Our partnership with our strategic investor Al Faisaliah Group unlocks tremendous value for companies that are either looking to scale their operations in critical geographies, or to accelerate their growth in key verticals.


We place great emphasis on the development of individuals across the region who have an interest in learning about and investing in the MENA tech ecosystem.

Launched in the Summer of 2021 and running on quarterly basis, participants join a bespoke 6-week program built to help them develop the necessary skills to identify and vet investment opportunities, as well as understand the VC landscape.

Click on this link to access the open application. We will send out invites for interviews as we launch the next cohort.

Our team

Khaled Talhouni

Managing Partner

Sarah Abu Risheh

Partner, Investments

Stephanie Nour Prince

Partner, Network and Operations

Nitin Reen

Partner, Value creation

Victor Sunyer


Ghassan Noursi

Venture Lead

Arnav Danthi


Selwan Al-Eshaiwi

Venture Partner - KSA

Kaan Kalipci

Venture Partner - Turkey

Mikail Malik

Venture Partner - UAE

Board of Directors

Ziad Al-Tunisi

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Alejandro Carbon

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Khaled Talhouni

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Tarek Kabrit

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Nasir Alsharif

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