Building for giants

Stephanie Nour Prince


October 27, 2021





Across the team, we have known Tarek Kabrit for over a decade - we met him first as a strategy consultant, then later on as an investor, and more recently as the founder of Seez. The company has recently announced the close of its $5M pre-Series B round, which we are grateful to have been part of.

With Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) increasingly looking to sell directly to consumers, Seez pre-empted the disruption coming to traditional dealerships by building a full suite of SaaS-based products allowing their clients to provide a real omnichannel experience. As end-consumers, we are probably more familiar with the Seez marketplace and car valuation data. But behind the scenes, cofounders Tarek Kabrit, Andrew Kabrit, and the Seez team have been innovating upstream, and have done so by building deep partnerships with car dealers to help the latter go online.

Sarah and I hosted Tarek to talk some more about the shift to the agency model in the automotive world, the inception of Seez and the evolution of its product, and how the Dubai-based company is taking on European markets.

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Nuwa Capital · Episode 11 - Building for giants

Stephanie Nour Prince is Partner at Nuwa Capital where she leads on the fund’s network engagements and operations.