Business and openness

Ghassan Noursi

Nitin Reen


January 16, 2023







There are multiple factors that make the macroeconomic environment ripe for the rise of proptech, including rising mortgage rates that necessitate the optimization of returns from rental units. Similarly, on the microeconomic level, renters and long-term stay travelers want units that are fitted to their needs, flexible, and consistently high quality. 

There is a clear mismatch between the demands of the modern day traveler and the available supply of apartments. As a corporate traveler, Aahan Bhojani sought the comfort of a homely apartment with the conveniences of a hotel, something that proved difficult to find. A year later, Aahan and his team had brought to market the first set of Silkhaus branded units. Since then, Silkhaus has grown to become a hybrid network of short term rentals, and an in-house laboratory (via own units) to develop the best-in-class tools to manage and operate units.

In this episode, Aahan Bhojani takes us through how his vision evolved throughout Silkhaus’ first year in operations and how understanding the needs of all his stakeholders created new potential for the business, enabled by instilling agility in his team and creating a company culture built for growth.