Navigating the MENA food frontier

Stephanie Nour Prince


June 16, 2023







Food (and the pursuit of) has historically driven the rise and fall of civilizations.

Substantial developments in technology, especially following the industrial revolution, have redesigned how we produce, distribute, and consume food and resulted in an abundance of food not previously observed in human history; but challenges remain. 

With the production of food facing increased pressure as a result of the surge in population, climate change, and resource scarcity, the focus has shifted towards sustainable agriculture, responsible consumption, and food security. And technology is once again transforming the food industry.

In Episode 21 of our podcast, I sat with Nadine Benchaffai of Fab Food co, Tortilla Mexican Grills (UK), Taqado Mexican Kitchen - and many other much-loved homegrown brands, and director of Venture Building for DANA Global. Nadine explains the intricacies of (and the required mindset for) building successful food brands in markets with fast changing consumer behaviors. We also discuss where the region stands in terms of future-proofing food and building sustainable food systems, as well as why our markets could stand to innovate on a global scale.

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