Unplugged #1 - Building the Koita brand

Stephanie Nour Prince


July 20, 2023







Welcome to Unplugged, our fireside chat series where we host casual conversations with some of the region's boldest and brightest game changers.

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In our first recorded episode, Nuwa Capital's Stephanie Nour Prince chats with Mustafa Koita, founder of Koita Milk. In 2016, Mustafa turned frustration into inspiration when he launched Koita Milk. He wanted to offer his children, Serena, Danyal, and Sophia, a better option when it came to organic and fresh foods, especially Milk. And so started a journey of research, travel, strategizing a cross-country operation - and of course, building the brand we've all come to know.

In our chat with him, Mustafa takes us through everything Koita, from impetus, to making the choice to bootstrap, and legacy.

*image courtesy of Koita Milk

Stephanie Nour Prince is Partner at Nuwa Capital